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6lbs-7lbs Pink Himalayan Salt Rocks for Horses

salt rocks for horses
pink himalayan salt rocks
salt block licks label
salt block

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Noble Steed Stables

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 Salt Blocks For Horses and LiveStock 


What Animals Can Lick the Pink Himalayan Salt Rocks on Rope by Noble Steed?

All livestock can use and benefit from our salt blocks. Horses , Cows, Pigs, Camels, Sheep,and more.

Nutritional Facts for Our Salt Rocks / Salt Blocks

Chloride 59%

Sodium 38%

Calcium .05%

Magnesium .05%

Sulphate .54%

What is Chloride chloride good for?

Digestion. Some believe that consuming Himalayan Pink Salt aids digestion. Chloride is necessary to produce stomach acid, and sodium chloride (salt) facilitates the absorption and transportation of nutrients in the intestines after they have been broken down during digestion ( 10 )

What Is Sodium Good for for LiveStock?

Sodium helps Livestock maintain normal appetite and body weight, as well as increasing feed consumption and weight gain. Sodium also increases thirst; encouraging the livestock to drink more water. Livestock that have salt rocks drink 50 to 75% more water than normal,
The elements of sodium are essential for animal life. They are part of several functions in maintaining osmotic pressure in body cells which is vital to the transfer of nutrients and waste products across the cell membrane.