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Pyranha Rub and Scrub Glove For Horses

pyranha rub & scrub medium

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Pyranha Rub and Scrub Glove For Horses

Pyranha rub and scrub gloves pair an effective product for horses grooming and care. It has silky soft nodules on fingers and palm that help to remove the dust, massage the body and eliminate the oiled particles suspended in horse hairs. A great product for horse grooming and styling the horse. It is a very effective product that cleans the wet and dry horse body and worked for both conditions.

Features & Specifications

  • Pyranha rub & scrub gloves for horses
  • Increases the bound with your horse
  • Scrubbing nodules for massage and cleaning 
  • Flexible and comfy grip for best multitasking
  • Helps to bring a great change in your horse health and mood
  • Eliminate dust, oil, and other unwanted particles for cleaning