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Pyranha Odaway Spray For Horses 32 Oz

pyranha odaway 32 oz

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Noble Steed Stables

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Pyranha Odaway Spray For Horses 32 Oz

Pyranha odaway spray for horses helps to eliminate bad odor. It brings a pleasant effect and relaxing air surrounded you. It has made from non-toxic and biodegradable material. It comes with effective material that helps to reduce the smell from the kennel, barren, trucks, and trailer. It brings a good change in air and environment by elimination of bad odor of smoke urine and bad chemical.

Features & Specifications

  • Pyranha odaway spray For Horses
  • Eliminate bad order of chemical, urine and smoke
  • Great pleasant effect and healthy odor
  • Direction to provide a good smell in the surrounding
  • Provide a healthy environment and eliminate uneven smell
  • Bring a great change in horse mood and health