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Pyranha Nulli Fly Spray Gallon

pyranah nulli fly gallon

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Pyranha Nulli Fly Spray For Horses Gallon

A great product that helps you to get rid of all types of flying insects. It has a little bad odor that keeps the different insects away from the horse. It gives a pleasant change in horse mood and surrounding. You can directly apply the spray to the horse body and hairs. It prevents flies, lice, and mosquito bites. A great spray that keeps your horse in a great mood to learn the best lesson.

Features & Specifications

  • Pyranha nulli fly spray for horses
  • Kills and repel the different insects
  • Little bad smell that repels away insects
  • Water-based formula help to direct usage
  • Kills and repels insects like lice, gnats, and ticks
  • Bring a bright change in horse mood and learning