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Pyranha Insecticide For Horses 15 Oz

pyranha insecticide 15 oz

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Pyranha Insecticide For Horses 15 Oz

Pyranha is one the leading brand of the market offers effective Pyranha Insecticide for horses. This insecticide spray is widely used and well known for its reliable and effective results. We have tried this on different insects like flies, mosquitos, and gnats and it shows the best results. Try this before working on horses will to keep them always focus on their learning.

Features & Specifications

  • Pyranha Insecticide For Horses
  • Help you to repel the insects
  • Doesn't contain an even smell
  • Perfectly disturb the mosquitos, flies, and ticks
  • Make your horse focus on the learning and lesson
  • Make him happy, pleasant to learn and joyful mode