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Pyranha Zero Bite Spray 32 Oz

pyranah zero bite 32 oz

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Pyranha Zero Bite Spray 32 Oz

Pyranha zero bite natural spray is available in 32 Oz. The natural formula gives a great effect for repelling the and killing the house fly, gnats, mosquitos, bot flies, horse flies, ticks, deer flies, and lice. It provides an appealing effect that protects horse from unwanted insets contact. Pyranha zero bite spray has a natural and pleasant odor. A great spray for insects repellent. 

Features & Specifications

  • Pyranha zero bite natural spray
  • Kills and repel the most insects
  • natural odor to repel and kills insects
  • Safe and protective spray for direct usage
  • Best product for horses protection and grooming
  • Help to learn the lessons and concentrate on training